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How can I become a certified or popular creator tag?
Verified badges are small blue badges on TikTok profiles of some users. To become verified on TikTok, you will need to have a hiqh quality account. This means that your audience must be very active and involved in your video, not that your audience must be very active and involved in your video. Your video should be super high-quality and flawless. There is no minimum requirement to follow the amount you need: we see verification badges for even 1500 account followers. There are also websites that claim that they have hackers to get you certified, but don't believe them: they are fake. TikTok issues verification badges to real, unique, and active personal data, including compliance with TikToks community guidelines and terms of service.
The Pro account is not so different from the ordinary. It is a lesson for users who need to analyze their videos in 1-4 weeks. Once they switch to the TikTok professional account, users can see the video views and trends. Videos, And user statistics, such as attention growth, gender, age, and popular areas. So far, TikTok professional accounts are free.
TikStats informs users how popular their profile is and how people react to users. content. It takes into account the user’s participation, the number of fans and. Number of videos. You can also give your video trend ideas in TikStats.

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